Fall protection systems are life-saving devices and it is extremely important that each system is certified for use before being commissioned.

The fall protection design standard in Canada, CSA Z26.16, requires that systems be inspected and certified for use before work at height begins. For window washing and façade access anchors, CSA Z271 and Z91 require an inspection and testing to be performed before the first use.

Our qualified field technicians perform a variety of inspections including testing when required and our structural engineers assess how best to perform required testing. designing load test apparatus as required to not damage surrounding structures.

High Engineering’s team of specialists perform certification of both new and existing systems. If you don’t have drawings, we perform the tasks necessary to produce compliant drawings and make recommendations to bring older systems into compliance with the latest standards.

Each inspection is reviewed and sealed by our engineers to provide peace of mind between inspections.

Inspection, Testing, and Certification

Whether your product is a self-installation, supervised installation, or you require turn key installation services, High Engineering Fall Protection specialists are standing by to assist you. Get started by requesting a quote or contact us at (403) 287 0475.

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