An Educated Worker is a Safer Worker

High Engineering was founded in 2005 with a mission…to share the knowledge and expertise developed through decades of leadership and innovation in the complex field of fall protection engineering. After building our business into what it is today and considering all the life saving products and services we provide, knowledge has been the key to our success and the livelihood of our clients.

Product Literature

Fall safety product literature available for download.

Hierarchy of Fall Protection

A tool used to rank the most effective methods of reducing the of a fall.

Fall Protection System Performance

It is very important for users to understand the provided systems and equipment.


A glossary of terms used in the fall protection industry.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is equipment worn by a person to protect them from hazards and injuries.

Annual Maintenance

Fall protection systems require inspection and maintenance by a competent person at appropriate intervals to remain in proper working order.

Standards & Regulations

In Canada Fall Protection is primarily governed by provincial Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Federally governed companies are required to adhere to the federal regulations.


In Canada, each province/territory is responsible for producing occupational health and safety legislation.

3D Renders

High Engineering uses sophisticated Building Information Modeling software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall protection answers from fall protection experts.

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