Qualified Fall Protection Engineer Refresher Course

A refresher and recertification for graduates of our Qualified Fall Protection Engineer course, or other "Qualified Person" training programs

This two or three day course is intended for Engineers previously trained as “Qualified Persons” in fall protection. 

For past graduates of the High Engineering Qualified Fall Protection Engineer course, the refresher course is 2 days in duration (with a free invitation to attend the preceding day for graduates of other courses).

For graduates of other “Qualified Person” training courses, the course is 3 days in duration. The first day will bring students up to speed with the math & physics and the software, so they are ready to attend the last two days alongside prior High Engineering graduates.

Course Objectives:

  • ANSI and CSA standards that have changed since the prior Qualified Person training, including information about upcoming changes that will affect designs once published.
  • Detailed discussion equipment performance variations (for products certified to the identical standards), to help select equipment to optimize the safety of the users.
  • Refresher practice with techniques & software from the prior High Engineering training.
  • Introduction of new formulae and techniques not taught in the earlier training.

Pre-requisites: Engineering degree or solid algebraic math skills and prior training as a “Qualified Person”.

Course Content - Day 1 (intended for graduates of other Qualified Person training):

  • Calculating clearances in the easiest way that still accounts for the complexity.
  • Derivation and use of the PEA and VLL Equations.
  • Calculation of simple horizontal lifelines using software provided in the course.
  • Derivation of balance sag equations and practice calculating horizontal lifelines.
  • Practice using the software to analyze complex horizontal lifelines (multiple spans, flexible anchorages, thermal effects, multiple workers, ….).

Course Content - Days 2&3 (intended for graduates of prior High Engineering training):

  • Updates to the fall protection standards
  • New design requirements and techniques for ballasted anchors.
  • Using software to more accurately model non-linear rope behaviour
  • Review of balance sag and introduction of VLL analogy techniques.
  • Practice with the software on complex situations not previously taught, including deforming anchor posts.
  • Testing of systems, including instrumentation requirements and surrogate test mass.
  • Equations to provide rapid adjustment of required clearances for changes in worker weight, free fall and PEA forces.


This course has a written exam component for which participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% for course certification for a three year period.

This course is delivered by High Engineering.

Qualified Fall Protection Engineer - Refresher

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