Qualified Fall Protection Engineer Course

Qualified Person / Fall Protection for Engineers

This course prepares Engineers working in Canada to meet the requirements of CAN/CSA Z259.16, Design of Active Fall Protection Systems, as well as Provincial and Federal OH&S regulations requiring certain aspects of fall protection systems to be designed by a Professional Engineer.

For Engineers working in the United States, this course prepares them to serve as a Qualified Person in Fall Protection as required by US OSHA CFR 1926.502 and CFR 1910.66 Appendix C. It provides essential techniques and software to design systems that meet ANSI Z359.6.

Students Receive:

  • Instruction by Engineers who led the development of both the CSA and ANSI standards for Design of Active Fall Protection Systems.
  • Understanding and derivation of all formulae specified in these standards and develops others needed for advanced analysis.
  • Deep understanding of engineering principles and methods to analyze critical aspects of fall protection.
  • Practice calculating fall protection system behavior in 18 real-world scenarios, under our guidance.
  • A one-year renewable license for the MS Excel software provided with our training.

Course Objectives

  • Regulatory requirements vs best practices and dealing with conflicts.
  • Assessing fall protection equipment and system performance using dynamic, static, and testing methods with an emphasis on energy analysis methods.
  • Understanding existing equipment standards - are labels and literature reliable for engineering?
  • Accurate evaluation of required clearance for fall arrest systems.
Pre-requisites: Engineering degree or solid algebraic math skills


This course has a written exam for which participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% for course certification for a three-year period.

Qualified Fall Protection Engineer

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