Competent Person Advanced Course

The more you know about Fall Protection, the more you will learn

This five day course was developed for managers, safety professionals and supervisors. Participants gain understanding of regulatory requirements, knowledge of how equipment and systems work, plus supervisory and administrative skills for managing a fall protection program.

Hands-on aspects include practice with equipment and systems, fall hazard assessment, roof anchor layout, writing fall protection and rescue plans, proof loading of anchorages and detailed inspection of fall protection equipment and systems. Several important MS office templates are provided on a USB stick.

Students Receive:

  • Instruction by acknowledged experts with more than forty years combined experience in hands-on use of fall protection in heavy industrial environments.
  • Deep understanding of equipment behavior, and that the standards the equipment may be certified to, do not test all aspects of performance.
  • Special techniques and practice in how to perform and teach clearance calculations in a way that is both accurate and easily learned.
  • An objective method for analyzing and ranking fall hazards.
  • Training and practice in proper Inspection and documentation of equipment and systems

Course Objectives:

  • Understanding regulatory requirements and current best practices.
  • Fall hazard assessment, ranking and abatement following the hierarchy of fall protection
  • Selection and use of a variety of fall protection equipment and systems, advanced knowledge to control impact forces, clearance and rescue requirements.
  • Advanced evaluation of required clearance for fall arrest systems.
  • Understanding how to select and test anchorages for fall arrest and rravel restraint.
  • Developing and evaluating fall protection and rescue plans appropriate to skill levels of workers.
  • Proper documentation and annual inspection of fall protection equipment and systems.


This course has a written exam for which participants must achieve a minimum score of 80% for course certification for a three-year period.

Competent Person Advanced Course

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