Inspections & Certifications

We inspect and certify fall protection systems and perform testing of fall arrest systems

Inspections & Certifications - Forensic Investigations - Testing

Inspections & Certifications

Our extensive experience coupled with training by several manufacturers as installers of their systems, plus our ability to analyze and test ANY system to determine its behavior allow us to:

Inspect all your systems

Verify that they are strong enough for the intended purpose

Compare the design to the requirements of the latest standards such as ANSI Z359.6 or CSA Z259.16

Assess and advise whether the level of risk remains acceptable when systems do not meet applicable requirements

Strive to engineer temporary repairs or impose acceptable working restrictions before leaving the site when serious flaws are discovered. This is so you can keep operating until the system can be repaired, serviced or improved.

Tie-Back and lifeline Anchorage Systems

Our firm is fully qualified to inspect and certify roof anchorage systems in accordance with the CSA Z271 and CSA Z91 requirements in Canada. We have engineered close to 200 new and retrofit installations of these kinds of systems, and are equipped to proof load these anchorages as required by the standards.



Simply put, there is no comparison. The report provided by High Engineering is written by an expert in safety with a very strong background in engineering. His thinking methodology is simply amazing as shown in the 'Conclusions & Recommendation' section. Nathan Whiting SYNTECH Safety Solutions

Forensic Investigation

Our experience and understanding of engineering and physics allows us to:

Design, conduct, oversee testing programs and re-enactments of incidents

Properly asses and compensate for and justify deviations from an exact simulation of a dangerous incident

Create computer models to investigate Fall Protection System behaviors without doing actual testing that can be verified by only a few tests rather than conducting an extensive program exploring many possible scenarios

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the development of the standards for the Design of Active Fall Protection Systems, both ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.16, we are considered the leading experts in this field.

Our goal and commitment is to provide practical and effective solutions to resolve difficult and unusual scenarios that reach beyond the scope of these standards.


Our extensive involvement in writing Fall Protection standards equips us to conduct evaluations of existing products and contribute to new product development. We work with manufacturers and clients with specialized needs to develop custom testing programs.


Understand all the testing protocols and take professional responsibility

Confirm installed systems meet original drawings and specifications

Verify whether the system and anchorages are strong enough

Confirm that clearances are adequate

Compare the design to the requirements of the most recent standard

Assess and advise whether the level of risk remains acceptable following best practice

Testing programs to meet ANSI CSA and EN standards

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