FallClear App

Download FallClear Lite for free, or upgrade to FallClear Pro, and make it easy to calculate fall arrest clearances.

FallClear is a tool for workers, supervisors, and competent and qualified persons who have been properly trained in fall protection.


It evaluates required clearance for several fall arrest scenarios that the user identifies by selecting the applicable pictogram. ‘FallClear LITE’, presumes that personal energy absorbers (PEAs) always fully deploy when arresting a fall. ‘FallClear PRO’ estimates personal energy absorber and SRL deployment based on the specified worker weight and the minimum properties that would allow the device to pass the CSA, ANSI or EN standard selected by the user. The root App estimates clearance based on connection to non-deflecting anchorages, but provides advice on how to estimate additional required clearance to account for deflection of horizontal lifelines, stretch of vertical lifelines, and swing falls.

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